See My Friends Records founder Chad Bostic started out like most people – playing in a band, writing and recording original songs.

Five 4 later, Chad enrolled in a Degree in Audio Engineering, but things did not go to plan.

During his first year, the college fired all their staff and completely overhauled the course. The facilities were great, but the teaching and curriculum were abysmal.

In addition, the course provided little hands-on experience, and failed to prepare students for getting work and building a career in the music industry.

Chad’s challenge became clear:

To create a better way for people to learn music production and launch a career in the industry.

So, in May 2017, See My Friends Records was born in Chad’s home studio in the US.

At first, Chad created all of the tutorials himself. He didn’t have any major credits or extensive commercial studio experience, but there was one thing he knew really well – home recording.

With over a decade of experience of recording himself, his bands, and other artists in a range of modest home studios, he knew he could help people get a professional sound at home

But eventually, Chad started bring other mentors to See My Friends Records to teach career-development, professional engineering, music marketing and more.

The focus of See My Friends Records has always been on the success of our students and the quality of the training material, rather than the credits of the people teaching.